Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2014 Blog Update

Happy Labor Day! I hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend and not working too hard today!

August was back to reality.  I still can't figure out where the influx of page views came from in July. I have checked all the analytics that I can think of and the only thing I can find is that my surge in direct visitors was nearly triple every other traffic source avenue.  I don't know why all of a sudden readers started typing in my web address to visit, but I would love to figure it out so I can make it a permanent thing.  Anyone have any ideas on how to figure this out?

I didn't post as much as I would have liked in August due to some sickness and my kids getting back to school, but the income and reader numbers returned to normal numbers for the summer months.  I'm hoping they will start rising as I start into the holiday seasons.  With the fun crafts, DIYs, and projects that I've got panned, hopefully I'll be able to see an increase in readers through the end of the year.

I did start one new avenue this month to increase revenue for projects and to try and bring new readers to the blog.  I started sponsorship opportunities here.  You can now purchase side bar and below the post advertising spots for your blog or product.  With the purchase, you get a number of social and email advertising opportunities that should help spread the word about your business.  Right now, I have a 50% off sale on the advertising spots until I figure out the best way to make this work for my sponsors and myself.

I also started sponsoring other blogs with this revenue.  I chose one at the end of August and my ad has only been running for a few days now.  I have to admit, that I'm not impressed so far.  I've had no contact with the blog and watching her social media, there has been no mention of me at all.  My ad has had lots of impressions but very few clicks.  I think I'm going to change it out after the first week and see if I can play with different ad styles to figure out the best ad for this blog.

I'd like to add another few blogs to sponsor, but am trying to find ones that will work for me.  If you've tried sponsoring other blogs, and had a good response, will you let me know?  I feel like I'm just tossing darts in the dark and going on my gut feeling, which is probably not ever a good idea.

Anyway, here were August numbers:

August 2014: 

Google Analytics:
People Visiting Site:   16930   (-19116 back to original traffic level)
Unique Visitors:           15538    (-19461)
Page views:                     39881    (-24636)
Pages/Visit:                     2.36      (+0.57)
Average Visit:                1.00    (+.59 sec)
Bounce Rate:                  30.74     (-14.24)
New Visits:                      90.67    (-5.79)

Email subscribers   +9
Alexa Rank Worldwide:        752549 
Alexa USA:                                 99771
Twitter Followers:                    585   (+27)
Facebook Followers:              1035  (+0)
Pinterest Followers:               3256 (+25)

Amazon                     -4.31
Infolinks                      +5.59
Rivit                            Removed Ads
Google Adsense           +3.13
Escalate                      -7.98
Social Spark                    +75.00
Swagbucks                               0
Store                         +37.36
Increase in profit:   +43.86

Friday, August 29, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret and Dare to Share

Hi everyone.  My name is Kim, and I'm a Football Fanatic.  I don't know when it started.

It wasn't like I came from a high school that played football.  I played a little with my guy friends and my brother's friends, but it wasn't a passion.

Until I went to College.  Then it became almost like crack.  I was out there camping with the gang the night season tickets went on sale.  I was sporting all my college gear to each game.  I was standing there screaming at the other team, but not "throwing tortillas on the field."  (That was just weird.)

When I finally graduated from college, I kept up with the games, until my brothers were old enough to play for the high school football team.  By then, I was living back in Texas and enjoying the Friday Night Lights with everyone else in the great state.
I can't believe he was ever that little. (sigh)
Once my little brothers moved on, the Perfectionist started playing.  He only played a few years, and his team was the smallest in the league.  Both in players size and numbers. 

But I was still there at every game, yelling, cheering, and ignoring the eye rolls of the fans around me.

When we moved from Indiana to Colorado, all my football contact stopped.  The Perfectionist stopped playing football and I couldn't get my alma maters games until the next day.  (Where's the fun in watching games that way?)

But tonight, it all came back.

Tonight was the Perfectionist's return to high school football.  While the game was away, I was still screaming and cheering and yelling and enjoying the game...except I did it from the comfort of my house where only my kids could roll their eyes at me.

It wasn't the same, but it sure started my fanatic football fan juices flowing.  It was even better that we won 40-13.  I can't wait for more football!  Bring it on...

Did you see some of my blood pumping projects this week?  Okay, maybe that's a slight stretch, but I'm pretty excited about the new look on the blog.  Even I was pretty sick of how drab it was looking.  It's simple, but pretty and colorful.

I've also finally opened the blog up to Sponsors.  Did you see my great new friends? Jamberry and Rachel's Book Nook.  Go check them out and say Hi from me. You'll be glad to get your shopping fix in for some great projects that are great on the budget.

Did you also see my fun Mommy Blogger Parody? It was so much fun to write and illustrate.  Kinda crazy, but if I can find someone else to sing for me, you might see a few more parodies at some point.  They kind of flow around this house constantly, so I'm going to try and capture a few to share with you.

My friend and co-host Pam shared some other exciting news.  I have heard great things about the Target Cartwheel app, but haven't been able to try it since there isn't a Target near me.  But if there was, I would totally be checking out Pam's post about how to save more on Purex with Cartwheel.  

After all, I hate to do laundry, and spending a ton of money to do it, is like rubbing salt into my wounds.  No thanks!

So what has gotten your blood pumping this week?  I can't wait to see!

Plastic Canvas Crayon Box Vase Cover Free Pattern

Crayon Box Plastic Canvas Flower Vase Pattern by Kandy Kreations

I met my husband when I was twelve years old.  He started trying to sway me to his opinion that we should be dating very soon after that.  Being twelve, I naturally resisted.

For years, he did little things to keep himself in my thoughts.  I would come out of church and find flowers on the seat of my car.  It was really pretty cool.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Encouragement Quotes Lunchbox Notes Free Printable

My kids went back to school this past week and for the first time, I have four kids in four different schools.

Being from a family that moves around a bit, my kids have learned that while friends are amazing, the best friends they have are the ones that move with them--their siblings.
Encouragement Quote

Monday, August 25, 2014

Average, Ordinary, Everyday Mommy Blogger Song Parody

When my kids were really little, I would come upon them playing in their rooms singing out their stories.  It was not uncommon to find them singing about the "bad" guys or needing to clean their rooms.

I don't know if it was due to too much Disney when they were little, because I'm certainly not blaming it on the hours of Barney we used to watch.

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Time to Dare to Share

Hi friends!  I have missed you all so much this past week.  I didn't realize how much my sanity and creativity depend upon this blog outlet for me.  Without it this past week, I've been a sick, grumpy mommy with way too many ideas in her head and not enough energy to do any of it.

Fun Family Tradition with Cookie Friday

I know I've been MIA this week.  I hadn't planned on it, but I've had so many health problems I feel like I should donate my body to science and just get it over with.  I can't say it's been fun.

Especially since this was the first "week" back to school.  The kids actually only had a half day yesterday and today was the first full day of school before heading off to the weekend.  I admit, I have no idea why they do that.  I don't know if it's a tease to us parents, or if it's to ease the kids (or teachers?) back into school slowly.

Whatever the reason, I've been trying to get school supplies shopped for, clothes washed, schedules realigned, and kids excited all while being sick and not able to walk.  It's made it a little challenging to reinstate our family school traditions this week.

"Somtimes me thinks 'what is a friend' and then me say, 'friend is someone to share the last cookie with' Cookie monster Quote
Source Unknown