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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sock Hop Jukebox Candy Bouquet Tutorial

For the centerpiece on our Dinner table at our big Sock Hop party, I crafted this Jukebox candy bouquet.  I plan to also make some smaller ones for the desert table, but fill them with balloons.

Since I'm finding it hard to find good decorations for our party, I'm sharing the directions on how to make this yourself in case you run into the same problem.

To make the base of the bouquet, I bought a silver gift bag at Dollar tree. (I bought silver so I didn't have to cover the sides in graphics, but could pretend that it was the silver edge to a real Juke box.)

Then, I found a clip art picture of a jukebox.  I found mine at and then changed the coloring to match my party colors in my paint program. 

I then cut out the graphic and glued it on the front of the bag.

My bag is pretty big (the Juke Box measures 10 1/2 inches tall by 7 inches wide), and I didn't want to fill the whole thing with floral foam, so I cut a Mini Muffin box to fit in the bottom.

On top of the muffin box, I slathered on a bunch of glue and layered a piece of green floral foam on top.

If you're building a balloon base, I would just place something heavy inside the muffin box and then wrap the balloon string around it.  This will keep the bouquet from floating away and provide a cute anchor.

I wanted a candy bouquet for this project, so I gathered my favorite candies and began building.

I'm sure there are other ways of building a candy bouquet, but I've been using this way for over 10 years and it's worked really well for me.
I use curly ribbon, tape, green floral tape, scissors, glue gun, and LOTS of candy. I also use wooden skewers (like you BBQ with) but forgot to add them to the picture.

If I need to cut the skewer down to fit the size of the bouquet I'm using, I do that first.  This was a pretty big bouquet, so on most of it, I didn't cut any thing off.  Then, I started at the top and wrapped the skewer in floral tap, turning and moving down the skewer as I worked.

I used my glue gun again to put a HUGE glob of glue on the top of the skewer and quickly place it on the piece of candy.  I usually put mine so that it runs about half way up the candy, but depending upon the size of your candy and the skewer, you can put it where you need to.  Just be careful not to put it too low so that there's not enough support and glue to hold the candy on.

I then used a piece of tape to secure the candy to the skewer.  It is helpful to use GOOD brand tape here so that the candy will stay on and stand the test of humidity, weather, and time.

I use lots of "FLOOFY" in my candy bouquets because it makes the bouquet look nicer and fills in "bald" spots.  I usually cut between 3 and 4 pieces of ribbon.  Length isn't a big deal.  As you make a few, you'll figure out how much you like and how long to cut it.

Take one of your ribbon pieces and tie it around the stick at the base of your candy bar.  Just use a simple knot.

Curl your other pieces of ribbon by running an open pair of scissors along the ribbon.  Place those inside the ribbon and knot it again.  Then curl the knot edges.

This is the basis for all your candy bouquet pieces.  Layer them into the bouquet by sticking them down into the foam using a design that looks good to you.  How I make my bouquets will probably not be how you design yours.  Go with what you think looks good.

Enjoy your candy bouquet!!

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