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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windsock Football Party Decorations

Kelli from Random Thoughts of a Supermom shared her Football Windsocks.  I instantly fell in love.  I knew these would be perfect for our football party decorations and for future school spirit weeks and Superbowl parties.  So I had to make some.

Since I wanted to make a lot of them (and I already had a bunch I'd been saving), I used old soup cans for my windsocks.  I had a bunch that I'd used my clean edge can opener on and then washed.  (Did I mention that I HATE to throw anything away and have piles of JUNK potential craft items everywhere? Probably why I'm having such a hard time packing to move now.)

These were pretty simple to make and are just like they look...but I started by using a large nail and hammer to poke holes into the top of my cans.

Then I removed the old wrappers (I was too lazy to do it before I washed them and actually found the water made it much easier to remove them now) and spray painted them brown with the paint I had leftover from my Easy Football Party Treats.

While I waited FOREVER for them to dry (dang, Indiana humidity), I cut some small ribbon in black and red (our school and party colors).  I cut the ribbon 12 inches long so it would be easy to tie into the can.  I also used this time to cut larger ribbon (7/8 inch is what I had on hand) in the same color scheme for the bottom of the windsock.

Once the can was dry, I threaded the small ribbon through the top of the can so the ends where inside.  Because I cut mine long enough I could make a secure knot that was hidden in the can.

Then I glued the larger ribbon to the bottom of the can so it was fringe and would blow in the wind.

To finish off the can, I used the white electrical tape from my Football Treats to make the laces on the football can.  I cut the tape 3 inches long and then in half length wise.  I used one of these pieces to make the long lace and then cut the other half in thirds to make the cross laces.  It helps to hang the can while your doing this so you can make sure the laces are facing forward when you finally hang it up.

To use these, I plan to hang them along our front walkway and back porch.  I think they will make a fun addition to the party decor.


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