Friday, February 10, 2012

Candy Bingo Game Printable

You can't have a teen party without having lots of chocolate and candy for the kids.
It just isn't done.
Or at least that's what my kids tell me.

So in the effort not to get 15 kids hyped up on pure sugar, I made a Candy Bingo Game for them to play.

Now they can have all the sugar they want right at their fingertips!
They will just be trying to cover it instead of eating it.

I created 15 sheets of bingo cards and each sheet has 2 game cards on it.
The colors are bright pink, blue, and green to go along with a Candy Dots background that I have planned.  Each space has a different type of candy on it.  There is everything from Reeses to Neccos to Tic Tacs to Candy Lips and more!

I printed the cards out onto cardstock.
Then cut each one out.

The candy pieces are printed with 25 to a page inside 1 1/4 inch circles.  This allows for easy punching out with my hole punch.

I haven't decided for sure if I'm going to make these last and put them on wooden circles like I did for the 50s Sock Hop Bingo that we did last year. 

I love the idea, but it means taking a trip over to Pueblo since our Walmart absolutely STINKS.  But I love how this Candy Bingo turned out and we'll probably play it alot, so I most likely will.

I am going to go get a bunch of candy bars for the winners, since I can't tease the "animals" like that!

If you want a copy of this Candy bingo, it's available in the online store HERE.
But for our loyal readers, you can download it for free until next Friday (February 17)!