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Monday, May 4, 2015

Werther's Original Sugar Free Mother's Day Candy Bouquet

Growing up, my family enjoyed their sweets.  I don't know if it's because chocolate ran in our veins, or if we were so involved with candy and chocolate that it just was natural to enjoy eating it too.  I remember many Sunday evenings when we would enjoy ice cream and cookies together as a family treat.  Or nights playing a game of  Uno with a bowl of candy right next to the card pile.

So when my father was diagnosed with Diabetes, it was really hard on him to change his diet and eat right.  A lot of the sugar free candy available just doesn't taste the same as the regular candies and treats that he enjoyed.  It was a constant struggle to keep his numbers in line when he still had the cravings for sweets.

When Dear Hubby's mother was diagnosed with Diabetes a few years later, she had the same struggle.  It seemed to be a trade off--taste or health.  You couldn't have both.

We were so excited when we got to taste the new line of sugar free Werther's Original candies.  None of us could believe how good they tasted.  There was no after-taste to the candy as there is in so many other sugar free candies.  In fact, it was hard to tell the candies were sugar free at all.  The taste was so rich...exactly like a regular caramel.  My father and Mother in law were super excited to have found something that really satisfied their sweet tooth AND was not going to upset their numbers.

Plus, I was surprised to find Dear Hubby sneaking a few of these also.  I didn't say anything since each Werther's Original Sugar Free candy piece only has 8 calories and 3 grams of carbs.  So it won't mess with him trying to lose weight.  And with great flavors like Caramel Cinnamon and Caramel Apple, he won't feel like he's stuck with one flavor but can enjoy these and other yummy flavors.

Since we all loved these candies so much, I decided to surprise Dear Hubby's mother for Mother's Day and make her a Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy Bouquet as a gift.

I started by wrapping BBQ skewers with green floral foam and gluing the Werther's Original Sugar Free treats to the top of the skewers.  Then, I tied red ribbon in a fluffy bow to each stick.

Once that was done, I found a pretty pot and some floral leaves and "baby's breath" at my local dollar store.
Placing the leaves in the back, I spread them out in a fan and started placing the candy skewers down into a foam ball at the bottom of the pot.

Once that was all done, I filled in the spaces with the baby's breath.  Now I have a sweet Mother's Day candy bouquet that Dear Hubby's mom will be thrilled with.  I know she loves the Werther's Original Sugar Free candies and will actually be able to enjoy them despite her diabetes.

Now I have to think of a fun way to surprise my dad for Father's Day with these yummy treats.  I guess I'll have to go check out Werther's Original facebook page and see if I can find any sweet ideas.  You should check them out too.  If you know someone who has diabetes (does any of us Not?), then they will be glad you shared these sweet, satisfying, yummy candies with them.

Have you tried Werther's Original Sugar Free candies?  Did you like them as much as we did?  Let me know your thoughts and experiences for a chance at free samples and coupons!  I have a few to share with you.

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