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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Treasure Box Printable

Mothers Day Gift Treasure Box Free Printable
I'm still trying out different ideas for Mother's Day gifts for my mom.

I showed you my Mother in Law's candy bouquet and some of the flower cake pops that I want to make for my sisters, but I'm still struggling with gift ideas for my mom.  In the midst of my ranting to my hubby, my kids reminded me that we needed to come up with something for them to give too.  So I designed up this easy pirate treasure box perfect for my kids to color and give to their grandmas. 

Candy Treasure Box Free Printable
First save the file to your computer and print it on to card stock.  Then color it anyway you like.  You could use pink crayons to color it or black for a pirate party or anyway you like.

I colored mine brown and even added a few knots in the wood to my box.

Treasure Box Score LInes
I don't know if this picture makes sense or not, but you want to cut around the outside of the box.  Now score along the lines where the arrows are in black.  That's along both vertical lines and then along the horizontals lines to make the box fold.

Treasure Box filled with Chocolate coins
Now fold along your score lines.  Fold the box bottom (the area I didn't color) and glue the sides to the bottom flap to form a base.  Now fill the box with your favorite candies.  You can choose gold coins, or rock candy to look like gems or your mom's favorite chocolates.

You're A Real Treasure Treasure Box Printable
Now tuck the sides inside to hold your candy inside and then fold the top down and tuck inside the bottom.

Mothers Day Printable Treasure Box
Here's a treasure box for mom...

Grandma Mothers Day Gift Treasure Box Printable
Here's one for Grandma...

Blank Treasure Chest Free Printable
And here's a blank one so that you can use it for a Pirate party, a teacher gift, or just for your boys!


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